Doreen Marvin

Chief Executive Officer

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Andy Pechacek

Executive Director

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Ernest A. marvin III

Chief Financial Officer

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Jason Wickel

Chief Operating Officer

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Cynthia Lamb

Training Speacilist

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Stefan Marvin

Training Specialist

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219 Breezy Oaks Court
Davenport, Florida 33896 USA

Navigo Consulting Group,LLC

Navigo Consulting Group, LLC is a small business focused on supporting organizations to work with education agencies in several areas such as transportation, strategy, business operations, grants,etc. We focus on the education market specializing in the K-12 space.

Navigo focuses on helping businesses that want to engage with the educational market to navigate the challenges unique to the education industry. Navigo can engage with a company to provide very specific help for that company's solution.

Along with engaging directly with a company to provide specific assistance, Navigo will develop a set of tools that will be useful to companies as they try to engage in the K-12 market. These tools include lists of associations and conferences to help companies make better decisions on how to spend their marketing dollars; lists of cooperative purchasing options at the national and regional levels; trainings on how to get the most from a cooperative contract; bid/RFP response guidance and training; trainings designed to help companies understand the budget process for most K-12 schools.

Currently, Navigo is a partner with Trust-Ed a company that developed a transportation platform for students, parents, and educators. Navigo provides consultation to the education clients in the areas of hands-on training and support specific to this Trust-ed platform.